7 Tips for Choosing the Right Wholesale Counter Display Boxes for Product

Goods require tremendous and luxury product packaging for stunning product boxes. For this purpose, product generators use titillating artwork and fascinating designs to grab the audience’s attention. Countertop display boxes are designed to present tiny products near the counter and ensure last-minute purchases. 

Customization offers countless choices to craft up-to-the-mark display packaging boxes that stand in the pool of competitors with top-notch quality. Next, this article delves into stunning tips for choosing the right counter display boxes wholesale for the product packaging.  

 Durable Options for Counter Display Box 

A quality display box must be made of heavy-duty material that is not easily bent and torn. For this purpose, many packaging brands in the USA offer product boxes at market-leading prices to serve customers. They come up with high-quality options that are recyclable and perfect to hold the product. 

  • Cardboard 
  • Kraft 
  • Corrugated 
  • Rigid 

All mentioned materials are durable and sustainable for outclass product boxes. Also, the box thickness must be increased according to the product weight. For instance,  golf ball display boxes can be crafted using heavy-duty material on high points. Custom Boxes Only is one of the leading packaging suppliers in the USA, and it delivers quality packaging with high-end printing options. 

Use of Eye-cathing Colors For Astonish Packaging
Make the product display colorful, captivating customers and encouraging them to buy it at any cost. No matter what colors you want, good packaging suppliers ensure accurate printing with CMYK and PMS colors. Businesses can pick the color per their requirements, whether in earthy tones, bold hues, note hues, or pastels. In addition, the color payout must be accurate after printing that you provide to print cardboard display boxes. Colorful display packaging is more fascinating for the customers as compared to simple packaging boxes. 

Countertop Display Box Must Be Unique in Styles 

Unique styles make the product more appealing and attention-seeking for customers. On this subject, product manufacturers must use unique dimensions of countertop display cases that are easy to access and engage customers with. Here is a list of distinctive styles of display packaging boxes that they use to present fragile items. 

  • Front cut-out display boxes
  • Easel display boxes
  • Five-panel hanger box
  • Pop-counter display tray
  • Self-lock display tray
  • Side lock tuck top display 

Display Box Material Must Be Eco-friendly

Now, businesses use green and sustainable packaging solutions to promote a green environment. For this purpose, brands must use eco-friendly packaging solutions based on the 4Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle, and refuse. If you are able to fulfill any of them, it means you make a contribution to a green environment.  Therefore, packaging suppliers come with cardboard and Kraft display boxes, which are recyclable and reused. 

Packaging Must Matched With The Product for Relevancy

Choose the product display packaging that matches the products or has any relevancy to build resemblance. In this regard, brands must choose the same colors and graphic illustrations for counter display boxes wholesale to create relevancy.

Useable As An Efficient Branding Tool
Convert the simple display packaging into branded boxes with printed brand names and logos to create an impression on customers using unique printing options. In addition, pick a tremendous and meaningful logo that conveys the brand message and promotional content on display packaging, which helps you to build positive relations with audiences. The information must be printed for brand authentication and customer transparency. 

  • Brand name
  • Logo
  • Taglines 
  • Ingredients 
  • Product usage 
  • Precautions /Notes 
  • MFG / expiry dates
  • Social media accounts for digital customer reach

Right Printing Style With Mature Tooling
A display or product packaging box print with high-end printing techniques confirms seamless product printing for the audience. Therefore, you must choose the right printing style for the order. For this purpose, businesses choose the right option for different printing methods, such as screen, digital, and offset printing options. 

Remember what you need, and start printing display boxes wholesale after getting the samples to get top-notch packaging. Also, ensure the packaging supplier you choose uses mature devices and printing tools for seamless and stunning outcomes. 

To Wrap up the Above Things
 So, the conclusion of the write-up is to explain stunning tips for choosing fabulous counter display boxes that enhance brand sales to the next level. Moreover, it must be eco-friendly and durable to hold the products. Furthermore, the enticing color combination makes a thriving appearance of display packaging to grab the audience’s attention. The product packaging must be relevant to the product and unique in style for a thriving product view.

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