Choosing a diesel fuel supplier: 5 criteria to consider

How do you choose a reliable diesel supplier that will ensure on-time deliveries on time? Is it possible to work with one supplier if your business geography includes several continents? After all, delivering oil products to any corner of the world is rather an exception to the rule for oil refiners. We will discuss these and other factors in choosing a diesel fuel supplier in this article.

Explore the options

The first step in choosing a diesel fuel supplier that you plan to work with for a long time is to thoroughly research the available options on the market. Do your research, find out which companies are leaders in the industry and which have the best reputation. There are various aspects to consider. On the one hand, a supplier that is geographically close to you can provide shorter delivery times. This is important in times of force majeure, when fuel is needed urgently. But if you are planning ahead, geographic location no longer plays a key role. Price factors, product quality, delivery terms, availability of related services and warranty obligations come to the fore. That’s why planning ahead is important – you can choose the best terms and conditions, not the closest or the most timely supplier.

Check reputation and reviews

A supplier that flawlessly fulfills its obligations to supply diesel fuel receives positive feedback from customers. This is a psychology that also works in big business: when we are satisfied and grateful, we want to say so publicly. That’s why it’s important to research the reputation of a potential supplier. Look for customer feedback, study company reviews and ratings. A reliable supplier will have positive recommendations and be highly rated by its customers.

Another point that enhances the status and reliability of a company that processes and sells petroleum products is the availability of industry certificates of quality, safety, and environmental friendliness. Usually, businesses make expert certificates freely available on their websites. You can also ask the company’s managers about their availability, and they will certainly provide them without question. But the lack of certification and independent expertise should be a wake-up call. 

Compare prices

The price factor in the energy market is the most sensitive issue. Of course, your supplier cannot control seasonal and situational fluctuations in the international oil market. But it can – and should – keep its operating and transportation costs for energy delivery under control. If a supplier significantly increases the cost of deliveries under the pretext of rising prices for diesel on global markets and tries to pass on operating costs to customers, this is evidence of its dishonesty. Conversely, honest suppliers try to balance market fluctuations as much as possible in their agreements. It is also important to conduct a comparative analysis of the prices of different market players. It is better to choose an average level: cooperation with “expensive” suppliers will be unprofitable, while cooperation with cheap ones will be risky. 

Ask about related services

In addition to fuel supply, some companies may offer additional services that may be important to your business. Here are some related services that you should consider:

  • supplies of other petroleum products, such as gasoline, jet fuel, and oil for gas stations;
  • installation and preventive maintenance of equipment; 
  • technical support;
  • consultations on energy efficiency;
  • equipment maintenance.

Additional services allow you to close the issue of turnkey supply, save time and even reduce financial costs. You don’t need to work with different companies, each providing a separate service.  It is much better to choose a partner who can provide you with a full range of services, not just a diesel supplier. To put it metaphorically, look for a supermarket that has everything you need, not a small shop at a gas station with a very limited assortment. 

Choose reliable companies

Reliability can be measured in objective terms. These include the timeliness and volume of deliveries, the number of successfully completed transactions, the number of lawsuits (the fewer the better), and regular customers and the duration of cooperation with them (on the contrary, a higher number will be positive). And it is worth considering all the factors we have discussed above. 

Idol Energy Company is a reliable supplier of diesel fuel that meets all of the above criteria. The company offers competitive prices, provides high quality products and services, has a wide supply network and fully complies with international legal regulations and diesel standards. By choosing Idol Energy, you can be sure of the reliability, timeliness and efficiency of fuel supplies.

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