How to check SASSA status on WhatsApp

Due to the continuous rise in the technology of SASSA systems, SASSA keeps introducing new ways of checking grant status for beneficiaries, no doubt all such easy-to-perform techniques are made for the ease of SASSA beneficiaries.

Today in this guide we’re introducing you to a new way of checking status, that is how to check Sassa SRD status on WhatsApp by just using your smartphone and an internet connection.

Checking your SRD status using WhatsApp isn’t tricky nor require so many things. To perform this you just need your South African ID number and your phone number and you’re good to go.

But before going into depth of the procedure for checking your status on WhatsApp, you must know that you are at least an applicant for a SASSA grant or an ongoing beneficiary. Follow these steps to perform this.

  1. Switch your phone ON and make sure it’s connected to the internet and you’ve WhatsApp installed on your phone.
  2. Save the WhatsApp number of SASSA in your WhatsApp contact list with the name SASSA. Here is the number 082 046 8553.
  3. Now say hello or write a greeting message on your text typing area and send it to the SASSA WhatsApp number.
  4. You will instantly receive an automated generated SMS back against your reply with many options. Select the check my status option and reply back.
  5. Now the system or human operator will ask you for your South African national ID number and your phone number.
  6. Make sure the ph number you provide must be the same as you have provided SASSA in your application.
  7. Your current status will be delivered to you in the same chat, that’s it.

How to check Sassa status online application status

Other than checking your SASSA status on WhatsApp, there are many ways you can use it, one of the most popular methods for checking your status is checking on the web. Let’s see how you can check your Sassa status on the web.

  1. To check, first, open any online web application that offers SASSA status checking service, you can check here for this.
  2. Open the Web App, and you will see two fields normally, one is asking for your ID number and the other is asking for your PH number, the requirements for checking your status with different methods are almost the same.
  3. Now first enter your ID number in the first field and then enter your phone number in the next or second field and press the check now button, your status will be shown.

Note, you don’t have to follow this specific procedure to check your SASSA status on WhatsApp, after greeting you can deal with the operator according to your talking kills. It’s a informal method that you can use as you want by keeping in mind the ethical communication.

Also note that, WhatsApp status checkings service have no any hidden service charges by SASSA nor by the telecommunication company you are using.

Benefits of checking your status on the web

Here are some benefits you can achieve by checking your grant status on the web or on Google.

  • This method is the most reliable and easy-to-use method to see your current application status performance.
  • It’s an open-to-use method that you can use at any time you want, for this, you don’t have to wait for longer in queues as SASSA may be busy assisting other applicants.
  • As in other methods, you only have to use your details like ID number and Ph number.
  • This method is a one-click method, for this, you don’t have to tell so many details before knowing the status.
  • No time bound, you are open to use any time your status.
  • The retrieved details of your status in this way will be the real-time details from SASSA’s database.

For your safety, don’t any other third person to check your SASSA status on your behalf, don’t even share your grant application details with anyone. Sharing your details with anyone can put your SASSA account on compromisation. 

Both these methods are better as compared to traditional status-checking methods. You can use both these according to your ease.


You can use WhatsApp to check your status when you’re out of internet service. The facility of checking your status on WhatsApp has its own benefits while checking on the web has its own. People mostly use the SASSA WhatsApp status-checking service when they nare tarvelling and have no acces to internet but have free WhatsApp usage on their Sim or Smartphones.

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