12 Best Technology Blogs to Follow in 2024

The technology has a great impact on our lives. All devices, including smartphones like iPhones and smart cars like Teslas, are now powered by technology.

The way we communicate, form friendships, share our experiences, and go about our work has all been fundamentally transformed by technology.

Numerous amazing new technology devices and apps are introduced to the market every day. Whether you’re a tech professional or just a tech enthusiast, staying up to date on tech news is a must.

As it is challenging to stay up to date with the rapid evolution of technology, here is a list of some of the top tech websites to follow in 2024 to help you keep updated. So let’s get going without further delay!


The Technomantic is the best technology news source of 2024. It’s your one-stop shop for everything related to the Internet, digital marketing, online hacking, and online money-making. The technomantic team aims to give you the latest information possible with real-time facts and figures.

Technomantic covers a wide range of subjects in addition to technology, including business, science, gadgets, security, transportation, and more. Their website is easy to navigate and is neatly laid out.


Another famous tech website on the internet is TechCrunch. TechCrunch is an indispensable resource for those interested in the intricacies of the startup industry.

Providing you with easy-to-read coverage of everything occurring in the tech world, TechCrunch keeps an eye on funding announcements, acquisitions, new feature launches, mergers, and groundbreaking technology.

If you don’t like to read news on your phone, they also have a tonne of podcasts covering a variety of topics.


TheVerge is yet another one of the favorites, particularly if you are more interested in gadgets and other “cool stuff.” For tech news and reviews of gadgets, their YouTube channel is arguably the best.

Like their stunning website, the videos are artistically pleasing and well-produced. On their website, they also offer a science section that discusses many fascinating scientific theories and events.

You won’t have any trouble locating the precise kind of stuff you’re looking for because the website themes are divided into several categories.


VentureBeat is an entirely tech-focused news website that covers everything from the newest to the finest in technology. It is a fantastic place to start if all you want is tech news and you don’t want to be distracted by other material.

VentureBeat keeps you informed about everything that’s happening in the tech industry, whether you’re a startup founder or just a tech fan.


Gizmodo is a reputable tech website that offers a superb compilation of tech news and gadget reviews. The website adopts a more lighthearted approach and concentrates on entertaining in addition to information.

Whether you’re looking for product information on wearables, computers, tablets, smartphones, or just tech toys, their review section is a terrific resource! The scientific area of Gizmodo is a valuable addition to the website, including an abundance of tech knowledge.


Wired is a name you have probably heard of. If not, you should visit this awesome tech website straight immediately.

Wired contains all the information you need to be aware of the world of technology, from tech news to how it affects our daily lives.


Mashable is a full-fledged infotainment website covering themes including entertainment, politics, culture, science, economics, and more, in addition to covering the newest tech developments and product launches from across the world.

Mashable is a fantastic website to stay up to date on a wide range of issues, and it’s constantly searching for new developments in the digital industry.

Digital Trends

Digital Trends is an excellent tech resource website. It covers everything from the newest gadgets and products to in-depth product analyses!

Their “Original Series” option, which offers comprehensive coverage of every topic in the format of a web series, is a noteworthy feature. The Food Fight, Woman with Byte, Digital Trends Live, and Tech for Change are the greatest ones.

Term Sheet

Fortune Magazine has an excellent website that covers a wide range of subjects related to technology, including money, politics, and entertainment.

For all tech news, their technological wing, Term Sheet, is an excellent resource. With all the latest and greatest in the IT industry, TermSheet has you covered for funding announcements, initial public offerings, and new product launches.

Ars Technica

One of the first tech magazines ever is Ars Technica. Since its debut, it has attracted a large following of devoted viewers and is still thriving today.

In addition to tech news, it also includes news on business and IT, cars and gadgets, science and culture, and a lot more. A membership plan is available to make the most of the website and enjoy an ad-free browsing experience.

Gadget Review

Gadget Review is a wonderful place to start if you want a website that focuses exclusively on the newest and best technology.

The website offers in-depth evaluations on a variety of topics and is well-organized into areas such as appliances, games, gadgets, personal care, security, and much more.

If the product you’re looking for isn’t listed, you may use the suggestion box to ask their website professionals to write a review of it.

Android Authority

Android Authority is the go-to resource for anything if you’re a die-hard smartphone enthusiast, especially when it comes to the Android ecosystem.

Android Authority offers news, professional advice, app and smartphone reviews, how-tos, best-of apps, and a tonne of other awesome stuff about Android and smartphones.

They also have a YouTube channel where they post daily updates about the newest apps and smartphone launches.

Final Words

Here are a few of the top tech websites that people should follow in 2024. These websites are more than sufficient to get you up to date on everything that’s going on in the world of technology and gadgets.

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